Creative and Artistic Halloween Invitations

Since Fall has arrived, I thought I’d share some really cool creative and artistic Halloween invitations that I found on Zazzle along with one quick pumpkin study to kick off the season.

Pumpkin Study by Shelley Hanna

Pumpkin Study painting in ArtRage

Pumpkin Study: Having Fun In ArtRage

In a previous post, I talked a bit about digital art and a couple programs I’ve been using. ArtRage continues to be the program I reach for when I want to paint. Above is a quick study of a pumpkin I did to celebrate the Fall season – even though it still feels like the middle of summer.

I’m still trying to get over my bias against digital art. The traditional artist in me continues to feel like it’s not “real”, but I know from working in the programs over the last few weeks that it’s not about the tool you use, it’s still all about the talent. Time to let go of old ways of thinking.

Playing In Procreate

Over the last week, I have been learning some hand lettering techniques in Procreate. While ArtRage is fantastic for plein air style painting, I’ve found Procreate to be a powerful tool for hand lettering and many other types of design and illustration. Below is a sample of the work I’ve been doing:

You are my sunshine

Learning to do hand-lettering in Procreate

Calligraphy was one of my favorite classes in school and it’s been a lot of fun (along with a lot of frustration, of course) re-learning and old skill.  I’ll share more as I go in a future posts as I improve along the way.


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Artists On Zazzle Creating Halloween Invitations

Note: the information below contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission.

Along with painting and calligraphy, I’ve also been busy exploring the potential of print-on-demand sites like Zazzle. You can find a lot of really beautiful artwork by artists and designers on this site. Below are just a few of the cool Halloween invitations and designs you can find there:

Vintage Toe Tag Adult Halloween Party InviteVintage Toe Tag Adult Halloween Party Invite

Chalkboard Skull Halloween Cocktail Party CardChalkboard Skull Halloween Cocktail Party Card

Creepy Green & Gold Happy Halloween Party InviteCreepy Green & Gold Happy Halloween Party Invite

Day of the Dead Skull Halloween Party InvitationsDay of the Dead Skull Halloween Party Invitations

Vintage Halloween InvitationsVintage Halloween Invitations

Spooky Mummy Head Halloween Party InvitationSpooky Mummy Head Halloween Party Invitation

Chalkboard Costume Party Halloween Party CardChalkboard Costume Party Halloween Party Card


Halloween Moon PostageHalloween Moon Postage


Sneek Peak At My Zazzle Shop

I’ve been very grateful that so many people have been interested in my artwork. Because of that, I’ve been searching for ways to share my art by printing it on various products. For me, having my art featured on a postage stamp is about the coolest thing ever, so I’ll be creating a lot of those!

Below is a screenshot of just a few of the products I’ve started creating. I have about 35 products so far, but will be adding more each month. Zazzle is always offering promotions, so check the shop to see if an item you may be interested in is on sale.

Zazzle shop products

Just a few of the products featured in my Zazzle shop

Thanks for your support as I continue to learn new ways to share my artwork. If you have suggestions, please feel free to let me know.