combine painting
Miniature Painting Of Combine Finds A New Home!

Cool Combine is #2!

I painted this combine at the beginning of the year. It’s only the second oil painting I’ve ever done as an adult!

The Start of Something New…

At the beginning of the year I decided to expand from acrylic painting (which I still love) to oil painting.

I did oil painting as a kid, but the smell of the turpentine made me a little light headed.

Fortunately there are now more non-toxic ways to paint in oil, which has allowed me to breath a little easier.

Out of Iowa…

I’m originally from Eastern Iowa so any scenes that are reminiscent of the farmlands I grew up around are especially meaningful.

For and Eastern Iowan, John Deere headquarters is a hop, skip and a jump across the mighty Mississippi.

Never Been There? You Don’t Know What You are Missing!

At John Deere, you are able to get up into all of their tractors and combines. You can see for yourself how incredible they are and why there are no sad people driving combines!

Oh Ya, The Painting…

OK, got a little excited about the real combines.

Now back to the painting.

This combine painting is only 6″x6″ which is tiny. I took a cue from the daily painters out there to start producing work on a smaller scale. This feels less intimidating and much more manageable.

I have to admit – it’s a lot of fun creating these miniature works.

Going Home

Nearly all of my oil paintings have found homes already.

This combine painting went home with a dear friend of mine. This is a good thing as it was hard for me to part with this particular painting. Knowing it is with her makes it a little easier.

While money can’t buy happiness, for my friend it bought a combine painting.

Have you ever seen a person with a combine painting that wasn’t happy? Me neither. 😉