What Is The Purpose Of Painting A Still Life?

For most of my artistic life I’ve wondered what the purpose of painting a still life was. In school, I found them to be the most boring subjects of all and a waste of time. They felt painful to work on and I had a lot of resistance to drawing and painting them. Portraits were my sweet spot and I loved the challenge of capturing someone’s essence on canvas.

What is the purpose of painting a still life

Things started to change for me this year when I took up painting again. I knew I would be staying home more because both of my dogs were very ill and I needed

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Picasso quote on inspiration

If you are waiting for inspiration, you may be missing out.

So many artists (anybody, really) find excuses to get started on something because they are waiting for inspiration to strike.

Having worked as a creative professional for over 30 years, the one thing I know for sure is that if I had waited for inspiration to get a job going, I would have been fired. Funny how when you know you have to find inspiration, you get good at finding it rather than it finding you. (more…)

Change Your Mind About Bacteria

It Will Make You Feel Better

Why on earth am I writing about bacteria? A few years ago I was nearly non-functional. I felt terrible. I had zero energy. All food made me sick. Especially healthy food. I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything and was seriously thinking I would end up going on disability at work.

Sick and Tired quote

I had been to the doctor and all of my tests came back “normal”. How could my tests be normal when I felt terrible? It was no way to live and I really couldn’t imagine

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Are you guilty? Have you been dropping the F-bomb? (Um no, not that F-bomb.) In this “no BS” TED talk, Mel Robbins cuts to the chase about what is really screwing you out of getting what you want.

Are You One Of The 100 Million?

Robbins gives a rather startling statistic that over 100 million Americans are frustrated and bored with their lives. That’s 1 out of 3 people. Really? According to Robbins, it’s possible because of the lack the activation energy or “force” to move out of the automatic pilot part of the brain. Basically, (more…)

BJ Davis gives a great talk about his experience with the destructive power of self-doubt. He was close to giving up on life when he was forced to look the truth of who he really was. The person he had become was not matching up to the person he wanted to be. He knew (more…)

Do You Know How To Be A Superhero?

I happened to see part of Grey’s Anatomy last week. One of the characters was about to perform a type of risky brain surgery that had never been done. Before she went into the operating room she struck a pose. A superhero pose. She told another character that it has been proven scientifically that if you stand in a superhero pose for two minutes it will help you to (more…)